miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2014

Worth videos

Buenas chicos! Hoy brevemente os pido que veáis este corto que os dejo adjunto, estoy segura de que os encantará su mensaje. Esta hecho por varios amigos míos, y aunque no disponían de todo el material necesario les ha quedado genial. Aquí tenéis:


Now, for english speaking people. I promised I was going to bring something special for you and here it is! I sure many of you have seen the following video but if you haven't please check it out. Every time I see it, it makes me cry more and also make me think about it. Well, this video talks about the real problems and consequences that technology is producing is society, however I believe technology is not always bad, if there wasn't you couldn't read this post and I couldn't talk with many friends that live far away from me. In either of the cases, even if you are in favour of technology you will love it and it will make you think a lot. So here you have:


Hasta el domingo! See you on Saturday!
Love, Marta Turner ❤

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